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World’s Most Expensive Wine Bottle

Chambord Liqueur Royale de France is a black raspberry liqueur that comes in a bottle styled after the globus cruciger—a medieval symbol of Christian authority featuring the cross atop a globe.

Donald Edge is the jeweller who widely known by those with an eye for design, a desire for unparalleled service and an instance on the finest quality.

Now Chambord and Donald Edge have taken that authority to the next level by creating what may just be the most expensive wine bottle in the world.

Chambord by Donald Edge is the collaboration between bespoke jeweler Donald Edge and Chambord, the black raspberry liqueur. It is an exquisite, hand crafted version of Chambord’s iconic Royal Orb made from diamonds, pearls and solid gold.

The bottle is worth more than $2 million, featuring over 1100 exquisite round brilliant cut diamonds with princess and pear cut diamonds, a square emerald cut diamond and the finest round pearls all set in hand wrought eighteen carat yellow gold. It was unveiled at Somerset House during London Fashion Week and is now being entered in to the Guinness World Records™ for most expensive bottle.

Source: chambordbydonaldedge

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