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What if your life turned out the way you dreamed and planned it?

What if your life turned out the way you dreamed and planned it?

If you practice and refine your ability to tune in to your purpose and set the goals you wish to achieve throughout your life, ‘impossible’ things can happen.

Where do I start?
First visualize, and then write down, your purpose and the goals you would like to achieve. Why? Because writing acts as the first step in taking things from the world of imagination to the physical world by defining them in space-time. Writing is a form of creation. It clarifies your mind, and when your mind is crystal clear on what it would love, it finds a way to manifest those goals.

What if I do not know what my purpose in life is?
In your heart you know exactly what you’d love to do, but the fears and guilt in your head stop you from acknowledging it. Break it down so you can approach what you’d love without the fears that paralyze you vision.

 Start with the most obvious questions:

  • Would you love to be wealthy? How wealthy?
  • Would you love to travel?
  • Would you love to make a difference in the world? If yes, in what way?
  • Would you love to write, paint, speak, build, or teach?
  • What inspires you most?
  • Would you love to work with people?

You may not know the details consciously, but inside your soul, it’s all perfectly clear and just waiting for you to call on it. So start with what you do know and build.

Are my goals the same thing as my purpose?
A purpose isn’t something you accomplish, it’s something you live, and there’s no end to it. A goal may be within your life; a purpose is through or beyond it. Fulfilling goals along the journey of your purpose will encourage you, and an inspiring purpose will give meaning to your achievements.

The greater your purpose, the greater the power you can bring to bear upon your goals. A great purpose keeps your goals in perspective, and they seem much easier to achieve when measured against an immortal challenge.

A person with a mission has a message, and when you find that message, your business, your wealth, and your life will boom. When you can’t wait to share your message with people, they can’t wait to hear you. You’ll face trials and tribulations along the road to your dreams, but what else will you do with your life? Unless you work on what’s in your heart, you’ll break it. Don’t let anything on the inside or the outside keep you from your dream, because your dream is your life-your spiritual calling brought into physical reality. The higher the calling, the greater the worldly rewards for bringing it here. That dream is heaven for you, and it’s here now.

Article courtesy of Dr John Demartini – human behavioural specialist, educator and author
For more information about Dr Demartini and his Mythologies please visit: www.drdemartini.com
email: info@drdemartini.co.za
or call +27 83 370 2201 (Johannesburg)

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