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Why use UPVC windows rather than wood

UPVC WINDOWSUnfortunately, uncontrolled and unregulated exploitation of forests and the felling of trees for commercial use has lead to mass deforestation. This has resulted in the price of timber and wood based products multiplying many times over in the last decade. More over the spectre of global warming and climate change is hanging like a shadow over our senses, to which we have been a great contribution. Property designers, developers as well as home owners are on constantly looking out for environmentally friendly, cheaper and viable alternatives to wood and wood based products, chiefly due to the price factor and also due to the frequent maintenance need of wood doors, frames and windows.

Over recent years, Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, or as more commonly know UPVC, has grown in to possibly the most popular material of choice in the construction design industry. Any sensitive builder and home owner is sure to think about the materials he would use when they are building the home or building, due to a assortment of reasons mainly the cost, security and the estimated life span of the material. Designers choose UPVC over other materials like aluminium, wood and other available options for the window and door designs mainly due to its weather resistant properties as much as it offers strength and helps ease of use and maintenance. The frames of windows and doors are also made of UPVC due to its sturdy nature in addition to its properties of withstanding diverse and extreme weather conditions.


Energy effi ciency: The UPVC windows provide excellent insulation when it is cold and at the same time keep the room temperature low during the summer. This is possible because they are able to give good thermal insulation as compared to aluminum or wood. During the summer they refl ect the heat of the sun and keep you cool. All this
results in money saved in energy consumption in your house as the prices of energy are touching the skies these days. In the event of replacing the UPVC window, it may be recycled making it eco-friendly.

Little or no maintenance: Wooden frames need maintenance as you have to paint and refi ll the frames to prevent them from rotting. Aluminum frames are relatively easier as they are fl exible but they tend to rust after some time. The UPVC windows are quite durable and simple to maintain. As they are mostly made from plastic there is only a small possibility of damage. They are also easy to clean as can clean them using a wet cloth and light cleaning liquids, meaning there is little hassle.
The multi boundary set up of UPVC windows and door units aid to create the extra acoustic insulating properties, which is unfounded in other materials in use. Windows and doors made of UPVC offer more advantages than that of their alternatives as it does not rot, warp or peel like wood and unlike aluminium, it wouldn’t rust. And the quality and longevity of UPVC windows and frames is many times more compared to their counterparts.

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