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“The Water Pearl Ritual” a series of gentle face massages @ Twinpalms Phuket Resort.


For a lasting sense of inner peace, contentment and fulfilment, the team phuketindex had the opportunity to visit Palm Spa at Twinpalms Phuket Resort. With a real sense of privacy, luxury and exclusivity, Palm Spa takes a holistic approach to guest’s wellbeing by combining ancient Eastern therapies with the latest Western techniques to encompass mind, body and spirit. The serene and soothing setting of this extraordinary Phuket spa is enhanced by the caring nature of our dedicated team of Phuket Thai spa therapists, who nurture you through the rejuvenating and healing process to achieve total wellness.

Wellness Spa & Gallery Manager, Mr. Amonya Ongpaibool (Nok) welcomed us to Palm Spa and advised us on the treatment we were going to receive, The Water Pearl Ritual which was to last 85 minutes.

Nok told us “Moisturising is your skin’s beauty insurance. This intensive treatment is based on the application of masks with highly moisturising active ingredients, combined with a series of gentle face massages using manual techniques and marine boluses. Completely moisturised, your skin will be comfortable and your face will glow with vitality. It also includes a wonderful warm up back massage and finishes with a head and shoulder massage.”

To start this treatment, an oil massage is performed on the back for 10 minutes, this is to help you relax and also to warm the body. A serum mixture with minerals is then sprayed onto the face; you are then required to smell the serum, from the hands of the masseuse, three times to adjust the body chemicals fully. To help relax the muscles in the back, whilst the treatment is to be performed, tin foil coated with green seaweed extract, is placed where your back will be positioned and you are requested to lie back on the mixture. This gave the feeling of something small moving all over my back and warmth. The face is then cleansed using toner, then cleansed further using a facial scrub made up of a mixture of enzyme scrub, beads, AHA and fruit acid, extracted from pineapple and papaya. The next stage is to deep cleanse using mud containing with Seaweed extracts. The face is then wiped clean. A serum is then massaged into the skin and red seaweed is compressed onto the face using a hot compressor. It is then time for a double layer facial mask. The first layer is a mask cream made from seaweed extract; the second is mask cream that is used to push the extract of the first layer, helping it absorb into the skin. The mask is then covered with foil strips to maintain the temperature. This is left for about 15 minutes and then the foil and mask are removed. The skin is then cleaned and toner and pearl extract moisturizer applied.

After the treatment your face is left feeling fresh, bright and relaxed. The treatments are performed using PHYTOMER products from France.

Many thanks:

Ms. Amonya Ongpaibool (Nok), Wellness Spa & Gallery Manager

Ms. Amonya Ongpaibool (Nok), Wellness Spa & Gallery Manager.

Ms. Thanwanpon Konfpansaeng, spa trainer-Palm spa, Twinpalms Phuket Resort.

Operation times: 9.00-21.00 Hrs







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