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Twinpalms Presents: A Gallery of Tropical Inspiration

Twinpalms Presents: A Gallery of Tropical Inspiration

The New Year brings a new and exciting collection to Twinpalms Gallery, inspired by the carefree island life of Phuket.

For most of us, a tropical holiday at a luxury resort is but a brief escape from the rigours of life. But those in the know understand that the good life is not about where you are — it’s about keeping your imagination and sense of joy alive, anywhere, anytime.

Twinpalms Gallery boutique, found next to the reception area at the Twinpalms Phuket resort, now makes it possible to expand the inspirations of the tropical lifestyle beyond your holiday and into your home and daily life.

Within the Gallery’s bright shop is a carefully selected array of items for stylish entertaining, elegant living and smart travelling. Each piece evokes the exotic elegance and distinctive style that guests staying at Twinpalms are immersed in day and night.

Twinpalms Presents: A Gallery of Tropical Inspiration

Infuse island flavour into your fashion sense with the Gallery’s cool tropical casual wear, sleek sports apparel including yacht and polo shirts, intricately woven beach bags, tribal jewellery and dapper Panama hats.

Bring the chilled-out beach vibe into your home with aromatic accents including Zen inspired ceramic candle burners and  sleek incense holders.

Transform your living spaces into stylish havens with rattan and dark wood furnishings and lighting including standing lamps, a bed base, stools and benches. Then splash on some added colour and culture with our striking works of art including modern original paintings and traditional Thai Ramakian sculptures.

Add a dash of Twinpalms flair to entertaining with our lustrous wining and dining collection including martini cocktail glasses, champagne flasks and ceramic dishware in captivating designs.

When life needs to move at a slower pace, soothing downtime is assured with our luxuriant bath and shower washes, shampoos, lotions and oils from Molton Brown and Twinpalms’ own Palm Spa. Afterwards, wrap yourself sensuously with our thick bath towels and ultra-soft cotton bathrobes.

Along with these refreshing bath accessories, you can even bring home the bath – and enjoy sumptuous soaks in the privacy of your own home in the chic oval Corian terrazzo bathtub.

Then, with our best-selling bedding collection featuring duck-down stuffing and velvety-soft fabrics, we ensure those sweet tropical memories linger all through the night.

The team at Twinpalms Gallery understands that design is not just about pretty things – it’s about transformation and creative expression, and celebrating the best that life has to offer. It’s about creating a space of peace, harmony and balance, and keeping those tropical dreams alive.

As John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

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