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Tropical Luxury – Decor Items by Cozy Company

1. Wrought Iron Fish School Sculpture
Fish represents spiritual growth and transformation in dreams. For Chinese, fish mean prosperity. Choose this item to create a ‘surrounding’ that attracts good fortune to your area.

2. Brown Leather Storage Chest
Manufactured with top quality real cow leather. This dignified leather chest is an excellent storage solution without compromising on style. The chest has contemporary brass handles and lock while it features some smaller chests inside.

3. Very Orange Mosaic Chair
Add a bit of sparkle to your living room with this eye-catching mosaic chair in a sunset-orange shade. Its curvy look can also help soften the visual impact of any frigid cold space.

4. Natural Wood Coffee Table
This real conversation piece is a simple combination of wood top and stainless steel frame allowing it to easily blend into many settings. It works perfectly alongside a rustic modern décor.

5. Fiber Glass Home Accent
This Toddy Palm inspired fiber glass home accent is a work of art. The designer created organic forms that finely blend synthetic material with the gracefulness of nature. It can also be applied for a vase.

6. Rattan Coffee and Side Table
The set has been sleekly designed, smartly finished and built to last. Made from natural rattan, the classic style adds a casually elegant silhouette to any tropical home, and its versatile dark colors can enhance any living ensemble.

7. Jackfruit Low Vase
Inspired by the shape of delightful tropical jack fruit. It has an interesting characteristic you can’t resist. Design comes together with function in polished pewter that will never tarnish. Ideal for floating flowers, scented candles or larger arrangements.

8. Water Hyacinth Accent
Recommended for indoor decoration, this water hyacinth accent piece is 100% handmade. Its texture and outstanding shape creates a stylish sense by itself. Great to either stand alone or showcase any light-weight item, it will add interest to any empty corner.

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