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Tom Ford creates ‘Suit & Tie’ for Justin Timberlake

Tom Ford creates ‘Suit & Tie’ for Justin Timberlake

Former Gucci designer Tom Ford has teamed up with Justin Timberlake to design outfits for the actor and singer’s new video.

Tom Ford has worked on a series of clothes and accessories designed specifically for the new Timberlake album which are expected to appear in videos and visuals when the record drops in the spring.

“I adore Justin. He has innate style and enormous talent. It has been such a pleasure and honor to work with him throughout this entire creative process” he said.

The cover shot for Timberlake’s first single from the new record, “Suit & Tie” (featuring an equally style-savvy Jay-Z) , features a Tom Ford tuxedo with satin peak lapels, a white shirt and an oversized satin bow tie.

In the “Suit & Tie” MV Justin also dons a black suit, tuxedo, two pairs of loafers, a tie bar, pocket square and luxurious black onyx and white gold cufflinks all by Tom Ford.

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