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The Loft Natai, Natai Beach, Phang-Nga

Although this villa is for sale, it was built with care and love

Despite the undeniable fact that there are many, many housing developments in Thailand, Loft style houses are not often seen, and those that are, are generally jealously retained by the architect or builder. Perhaps it is because no developer wants to take the risk of building what is, after all, a kind of ‘niche’ home, and then not being able to sell it. A pity really, as such houses definitely have their appeal, particularly to those that dare to be different. Notwithstanding this fact, Phuketindex.com has found one for sale just 30 minutes from Phuket airport in Phang-Nga Province.

This unusually shaped 5-story building certainly caches the eye, if only for its striking appearance. The bold developer is almost as unconventional as the house: “I’ve been in this business for a while now and have experience in developing many projects in the area. The Loft Natai however, is a total break from the usual thing I get involved with. I personally like the loft style so worked closely with the architect to help with the design and concept. For months, hardly a day passed when I was not in consultation with them, until now I am almost as expert at the program as an architect is.”
It’s not just the house that demands a second look; the setting also is eye-catching with a small lagoon in the foreground and the beach just beyond. The landscaped garden features a 3 by 8 metre swimming pool.

The total usable area is 478 square metres. The ground floor has the living area with a lounge, dining area, kitchen and outdoor living space; the high ceiling gives a very spacious and airy atmosphere throughout. The next three floors are occupied by one large bedroom per floor but the jewel in this crown is the fifth floor with its panoramic view, bar and jacuzzi. (The latter conjures up naughty little thoughts of sitting with your lover, bottle of champagne on ice, watching the sun kiss the horizon on an azure sea. Ahhh…..) “It was designed to give a different feeling depending on where you stand.” Said the owner with a knowing grin.

As we sat on the rooftop by the Jacuzzi, with the wind gently blowing away our fatigue, the creator of this utopia expounded upon his views: “Loft design depends very much on the mood and perspective of the individual imagination. For example, this column: when we took it out of its mold we found it had a natural beauty as it was, so no finishing touches were added. We installed it and found an interesting juxtaposition between its rough appearance and the smooth surroundings.

“This style of house is not just about architectural aesthetics but is also about decoration. Things that at first may seem inharmonious can go together surprisingly well. I had to think hard and long about this place to get it just right. It was time consuming but also satisfying. As with painting, each brush stroke takes the canvas a little closer to a masterpiece.”

It is true that this house is not everyone’s cup of tea. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you belong to that discerning niche, it could be right up your ally.”

The Loft Natai
Natai Beach 79/2 Moo 8, Nateoy, Taimuang, Phang-Nga 82120
Tel: +66 (0) 81 806 6930, +66 (0) 81 956 1077
Email: sales@theloftnatai.com

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