The Interview with Kamala Mews


An exclusive interview with Phuket based Andaman Food Group’s management team.

Introduce yourself
Peerachsak: I am Peerachsak Chunharatchapan (General Manager), was born in Bangkok. I has moved to Phuket for 20 years.
Thanaseth: I am Thanaseth Kulveeraaree (Managing Director).

The beginning in real estate business
Peerachsak: Normally, we do food service business then we need to give our chance to start in real estate business by looking for wonderful location.
Thanaseth: We were luck enough to get this great location.

The effect of economy downturn

Peerachsak: We just begin with its design, that’s why we can not tell anything.

The villas’s concept

Peerachsak: There are six villas with  two bedrooms, one swimming pool at the starting price  6.9 million baht. This is a first villa with Mews concept in Kamala; Mews concept is English’s town house for single family. This concept is proper to the area and its benefits is large to support all residents.

The future plan
Thanaseth: We have a small location around Saiyuan. If we do any project there, it would be a luxurious villa.

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