The Interview : Developer of Kamala Regent interviewed Khun Satien Yeuk-ngoen, the owner/developer of this, one of the most fabulous resorts in Kamala.

Please tell us about your beginning in this field?
We began as a contractor in the construction business and stayed that way for 20 years. Then we decided to upgrade to doing the actual developing ourselves, first with 6 projects in Eastern Thailand then 2 in Bangkok. We started in Phuket in early 2007.

What are the strengths of the company?

Actually, we originally wanted to build something in Patong but realized that Patong is a place for night life and not so suitable for residential units such as the ones we specialize in. Kamala is midway between Patong and Surin and so supplied the answer, quiet enough, but not far from the action if and when desired.

What is your main target market?
Our customers are a diverse group, but mainly from Scandinavia and Russia, with a few from the rest of Europe.

What about after-sales services and management?

We try to make our customers feel as though they are part of a community and to this end we have a party 2 or 3 times a year, usually in the green season. This engenders a unified spirit but also gives the residents a chance to air any grievances (if there are any) and we listen. Lastly, they create and cement friendships.

Feedback from the parties?
Everyone has been very impressed by the party concept, particularly as they have not seen it elsewhere.

What are the differences between Kamala Regent and other resorts?
Kamala Regent is totally different from any of our past projects in other provinces. Whereas 95% of our clients before were Thai, this development is aimed more at foreigners. When we decided to branch out into Phuket, we researched the market thoroughly to find out what kind of units appeal to our new customers and what innovations might give us the edge. We think we made the right decision by selecting Kamala instead of Patong, and in concentrating on a ‘community’.

Do you have anything to say to our readers?
I do not want to talk about marketing. I just want to say we are here to help whenever they need us.

Any final words?
It concerns me that many people come from so far away to live in Phuket and that is why I want to do everything I can to make them feel comfortable in a strange environment. It is my sincere desire that we become friends and live happily together.

Well, that’s the party line from Kamala Regent, but what about the residents?

Simona Bazzoni has been since 1st March and here is what she has to say:
“In the 3 months that I have lived here I have found that the services of Kamala Regent have been very good indeed. We are treated like royalty and nothing, it seems, is too much trouble for the staff. Kamala seems a bit out of the way, but really, it is easy to get to any part of Phuket.”

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