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Marc de Champeaux
Marc de Champeaux

Sometimes what one most loves to do, may not be what one’s best at. Sometimes what one is most talented in, may not be what one most love’s to do. We believe if one can choose one wish, whatever he or she is most best at can be the same thing that what will bring ultimate contentment. However, there some who are lucky enough to have life at its best. Marc de Champeaux, the owner of “The Gallery” is an example.

Marc de Champeaux was born in New York and grew up in Paris, France. Known as the city of art, Paris provoked his inspiration and motivation for art & design and this pushed him towards being a member of the design profession. To pursue his dream, Marc moved again to Milan, Italy when he was 19 years old. He finally received a design degree from a Milano’s International Design School.

“I started my first business in Italy when I was 21 years old. A company there sells some furniture and accessories which are all my design,” revealed Marc.

He once worked as a consultant for a renowned Italian clothing company and used to travel around Asia. “I visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, everywhere in Asia,” stated Marc. At 38 years old Marc realized that he was falling in love with the oriental lifestyle and wanted to live here. He decided to move completely from Italy to Asia. “I spent a year in Taiwan, another 8 months in Korea, 3 years in Hong Kong before settling down in mainland China for almost 20 years.”

He turned his interest away from furniture to garments while he was in China, as he saw a future in China’s industry from his experience. Marc initiated in Shenzhen, MDC International (HK) Ltd. in 1989 to serve about 40 customers in France and Italy with samples and organizes production. In 2003 Marc developed his own fashion brand for Chinese youth, opened 17 shops around China. He also has another representative office in Hangzhou Province, China.

His creativity and dedication has been rewarded with many awards and prizes, so with his business prosperity he is now able to allocate time to his favorite Chinese furniture.

Marc, with his Chinese wife and children, moved to Phuket 3 years ago. “I think Phuket is a very nice place to live, with a nice environment and nice people.” He invested in a shop to supply increasing demands of furniture and décor items in Phuket. “The Gallery” provides Chinese antiques, vintage and reproduction items including figures and paintings. Oil paintings of late Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and some ordered paintings by Chinese artist can also be found here.

He opened it one and a half years ago. “At the beginning, The Gallery was smaller than it is today. But when I found nice items of furniture in China, I tried to make it bigger so that it becomes a better display for the arts.” The Gallery now has its second branch, opened in Cherngtalay 6 months ago. It is spacious and gives a warm oriental feeling, just like the first. Marc said “I just want people to feel relaxed when they come visit.”

Asked why it has to be Chinese antiques, he said “I lived in China for more than 20 years, China itself has a great history. When I arrived in China years ago they have nothing but now you’ll see they have everything. China’s story is very interesting and can’t be overlooked by the world.”

As we talked and walked around his gallery, Marc stopped at a turquoise cabinet, when we threw another question to him “Which furniture in your gallery do you like most?” He cheerily explained “Turquoise is very important. It is also the name of my second daughter!”

Getting a little bit closer to his lifestyle, Marc who is always busy told us that when he has time he likes to have a party with friends and enjoys cooking.

And this was our last question we hope will help you know him better: “If you are not who you are today, who would you be?” Marc answered right away “Mao Tse-Tung”.

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