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The Explorer Phuket explores new territory near Laguna’s luxury

Ever since Laguna Phuket opened its compound of luxury hotels and later houses on the Bangtao beach area about 20 years ago, its entrance road from Cherng Talay village has attracted many entrepreneurs to open shops, businesses, restaurants, and real estate projects nearby, trying to ‘cash in’ on the affluent tourists and now residents passing by, perhaps on the way to the trendy Surin beach or lively Patong beach also nearby. Now the vacant land, that used to be the last space before the village, is being developed as the new ‘The Explorer Phuket’ residential and retail project, by The Explorer Co., Ltd. It is set to raise the bar again for high quality shops, houses and buyers. The project is on a large 57 rai or 22.5 acres of land plot on the west side of the road from the Cherng Talay junction to Laguna Phuket entrance. It will comprise 31 units of 31 retail units in an upmarket Plaza, 78 pool-villas and four 39-unit condominium buildings.

The Plaza is now under construction and will be complete in July 2011 as the first part of the project. It features its own parking spaces, covered walkways and 3-storey commercial buildings. When finished, there are bound to be a number of brand-name restaurants and stores to enjoy. The usage space in each is 237.5 sqm. and if interested be quick, as the units are now on sale at 15 million baht and apparently going quickly.

The pool villas will comprise 78 units in two types: A for 39 units with single storey 2 bedroomed units, while type B is for 39 units with double storey 3 bedroomed units with the master bedroom and Jacuzzi on the upper floor. Both come with a car space and maid’s (or driver’s) quarter, so your maid or driver can park the car(s) for you and be on your beck and call almost immediately!

The condominiums’ penthouses are special, not just special, with a rooftop swimming pool and clubhouse for relaxation. They should also provide nice Andaman sea-views with the Bangtao beach just a kilometre away.

The first phase of the residential project is scheduled to be completed in July 2012. Looking at the plans, there are no signs or plans for a big shopping ‘mall’, conference centre, nor a four star resort hotel as reported elsewhere, so ‘The Explorer Phuket’ should provide a relaxed sophisticated ambience to explore nice niche shops near to hospitable homes. You can imagine, or really experience if you go there, enjoying some hassle-free shopping, then a cup of latte coffee or a glass of wine with fellow customers and clients in a chic cafe, or clubhouse, and then inviting them back for a short stroll to your impressive villa or condo, without having to call the driver for the car! Your maid can even carry the shopping for you! In the morning or late afternoon, you can jog or cycle to the beach with your new friends and explore the environment in an eco-friendly encounter before returning for the rest of life’s wonderful experiences at the ‘Explorer Phuket’.

If you want more information, check out or or visit their sales office on 41 Baandon-Cherng Talay Road, Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket.  Tel +66 (0)76 326330, Fax +66 (0)76 326329, Mobile +66 (0)85 7898555

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