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The Eclipse is ready to take Roman Abramovich out at sea

The EclipseAfter a year-long delay, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich finally took delivery of the world’s largest and most expensive yacht, the Eclipse.

The “gigayacht” measures anywhere from 533 ft. to 557 ft. (depending on reports), and is the world’s largest privately owned yacht. The cost of the behemoth has also been variously reported as $500 million – $1 billion. It is the world’s most expensive private yacht either.

The EclipseThe Eclipse will cost an estimated $50 million a year to maintain and each fill-up at the gas station will set the Russian billionaire back a cool $650,000.

The yacht, which has space for 30 guests and 75 crew, reportedly features a military-grade missile defense system, armor plating, bulletproof windows, three helipads, two swimming pools and a wellness center.

Source: Luxist – Photo: Reuters

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