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TechWorX Product Update March 2011

TechWorX Battery Powered Blind and Drape Solutions by Somfy

RETROFIT YOUR HOME: With the hot summer season now in full swing, Somfy battery powered motorized blind and drape systems are proving to be a big hit with our customers.

TechWorX can now offer solutions for new and existing homes or commercial buildings without the need for new and existing homes or commercial buildings without the need for additional wiring.

These include private villas, condomoniums, hotels, retail outlets, offices and restaurants.

STAY COOL, SAVE ENERGY: With Somfy battery powered motors it is just as easy to install on retrofits as on new constructions. Windows are one of the greatest sources of cooling loss in homes in Thailand. Draperies and blinds can reduce greatly any energy transmission through the windows.

Many automated shades can be programmed to open or close at a preset time. For example, you can automatically close the blinds on west-facing windows during the hottest part of the day.

TechWorX We Offer a wide range of designs, colours and finishes to compliment your home

Somfy motors can adapt to most types of interior window coverings, including roller blinds, curtains, solar shades, wooden Vanetian blinds etc.

With Somfy’s independent wired and wireless motors. you can adjust interior window coverings at the simple press of a button on your remote control

SAFE, CONVENIENT, SIMPLE CONTROL: More and more homes and buildings here have multiple rooms with windows that can be two stories tall. Opening and closing the shades for these windows can be very frustrating at time, proving difficult to reach and/or pull the manual cords to opens and close window coverings. The single touch on a remote control operates your blinds, electric curtains and drapes effortlessly. Programming your blinds to open or close automatically at certain times of the day not only protects your furnishings from sunlight but also protects your property by making it look as through someone is home.

Somfy motorized blind and drape solutions can also be integrated into any existing home or commercial automation system

TechWorX brings our expertise in Home Automation and Audio Visual systems to the luxury home market leading the development of residential and marine systems and are experts in designing and installing the best in AV, Home theater, Home Automation, Lighting control, Lighting Design, Security, IPTV and VOD systems.

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