Millennium Talk with Mr. Peter D. Gibbons

“Not wanting to go to work.” Said Mr Gibbons General Manager of Millennium Resort Patong, Phuket about his greatest worry in life. had an enlightening chat with Peter Gibbons, General Manger of the Millennium Resort in Patong. Peter gradated from Dorset University in the UK and became the recipient of The Grand Metropolitan Hotels scholarship programme. Between 1980 and 1982 he trained at many famous establishments including The Grande Hotel in Paris, The Carlton in Cannes, and the Hotel de la Ville in Rome. Most recently he was the Managing Director at Loong Palace Hotel, Beijing, China, before joining The Millennium.

What do you think is the most distinguishing feature of this hotel?
“Location and flexibility of choice. We have two very distinctive wings here; one is right alongside the largest shopping mall in Phuket which is quite unique and stylish in itself. The other wing is more of a retreat with of Cabana style rooms, each with its own Jacuzzi. Whatever your fancy we can cater for it, and don’t forget, as regards location,we are right in the heart of Patong with its vibrant 24 hour lifestyle.”

What is the guests’ trend nowadays? What would they like?
“The trend right now is more value for money plus a bit more on top of that. Guests always shop around for the best deal, particularly on the internet. It’s a buyers market and we need to ensure that we do not compromise in service, facilities, amenities and all-round quality. Going that extra yard – meeting the customer’s expectations, then a bit more, is what makes the difference. You have to listen to what they are telling you, and what they are telling your staff who are in closer contact than I.”

As a GM of the hotel, what worries you most?
“Not wanting to come to work. I really enjoy and love my job and I wake up every day keen to get started. My wife says I am married to the hotel. I am not a workaholic but I have a passion for what I do and that’s different.”

Has the world’s unstable economic crisis affected the hotel? How do you handle it?
“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. We are focusing on markets which are remaining solvent and are more insulated and less vulnerable to the present situation. Co-operation with partners helps, sales and marketing ploys plus, of course, keeping our high standards and a good relationship with the customer.”


  1. Hello Mr. Gibbons, maybe you remember me I was one of the Sales Executives at the Ramada in Dubai – congratulations on your great asignment and all the best for you! Karin Schl….

  2. We have a foot of snow right now in Austria – what wouldn’t we give for a Patong New Year and WARMTH – maybe!! Not as hot as Dubai was Peter!

  3. For the attention of Mr. Director, Millennium Hotel – Patong Phuket

    My name is José Chisvert, of Spain. Room 1610


    1. I made a reservation for three nights at your hotel for THB 27,500 .- in the website where I usually do my bookings.

    2. I never had problem between what I buy and what I am. It is the first book a 5 star hotel and I find a hotel that has nothing to do with a 5 star.

    3. I arrived by taxi from the airport and I felt really awful when I arrived at the hotel reception. I felt badly received / served with an incredible noise at the input of work that are changing the wood floor and the number of people gathered at the reception. Not welcome cocktail and cool towel as any 5 star hotel … also told me I had to wait 50 minutes because the room was not ready.

    4. My biggest surprise was when I taught the room. Nothing to see the room that I had seen on the internet website of the assigned room. Bad light, small, no bath, smelly …

    5. In the note he had sent in my reservation at the hotel informed them that I wanted a nice room with sea views … and no one answered me. At this point the hotel I found with surprise that the room was not what I had seen online. For the price paid, really in any 5 star hotel … more room and better treatment. If I had been warned, of course hotel had changed but now I’m here … what? … putting up with me … what remedy! And resign myself staying in room number 1610 assigned do not like anything.

    6. The room, for a 5-star hotel does not even have wifi.


    I have been ill-served, deceived and cheated. It is the first time this happens to me on a journey after so many miles by plane from Spain to come and spend 3 days at the beach … and holidays …
    I can only write this letter to express my discomfort and deception to you as director of the Thai Hotel Association and hotels.

    Is it possible to change? I think the price paid 27,500 baht for three nights does not correspond with the service I get and the assigned room.

    Waiting for your reply, and thanking him in advance for reading.

    José Chisvert

  4. Cold looks, mechanical service and questionable staff integrity makes this hotel fall short in all areas that make a hotel 5-star. Millennium could learn a lot, a lot from other hotels that it calls its rivals about the art of 5-star service. No point calling itself 5-star if it doesn’t even deliver the slightest part of it. 3.5-star status is more apt for a property of such standard.


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