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Taking a First Step – “Impressive Beginnings”

The ‘beginning’ of our magazine, Book Edition, represents an extremely important moment for us. Our first issue represents our chance to create a great first impression. Working out the design and details for the first issue was of course extremely hard work, but we take pride in our achievement and are pleased with what we have created.

In keeping with the spirit of ‘a new beginning’ we ask four high class executives what ‘a new beginning’ or ‘the beginning’ meant for them.


Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree (Khun Cat)
Personal Assistant to Royal Phuket Marina’s Chairman

“For myself ‘a new beginning’ meant escape. It started with my escape from Bangkok to Phuket; and I have committed myself to my work since then. I learnt new things every day and gained precious experience. Also I was able to escape to Italy for a holiday. This was a place which impressed me greatly, it was so beautiful and really seemed to open up a whole new world for me”.

Kanokpan Pranveerapaiboon

Kanokpan Pranveerapaiboon (Khun Kwan)
Sales & Marketing Director of ‘Two Villas’

“The beginning for me was ‘the start’ of the ‘Two Villas’ project. Though initially it was hard and we faced many problems, and no doubt have many more to overcome it has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. However, in order to continue its development I have to be continually alert, on the look out for new information and most of all hard working”.


Sureerat Sae-lee (Khun Bee)
Managing Director of the Chartage

“For me it’s the adage of ‘first come, first served’ or as I interpret it the earlier the better as pertains to my beginning with this business. It is the challenge this business offers as it entirely different from what I learned in school where I studied hotel management. In running my own business, I experience dealing with various people every day; staff, business partners etc. from these people I can learn a lot and design for the future”.


Tritip Phucharoen (Khun Ann)
Marketing Director of S.T.P. Group

“It’s the indescribable feeling of learning that I was to become a mother. The knowledge that I was nurturing a baby inside me, even though to others this was not obvious for the first few months. Maternity for me was a significant beginning. I felt a tear drop from my eyes on hearing my daughter first cry. And it was great to have mum in the delivery room with me. ”

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