Wonderfull Swedish Treehouse Hotel Opening in July

An amazing hotel comprising unique treehouses is opening this month in a remote, northern part of Sweden.

To begin with, the Treehotel will include just four rooms: the Cabin, the Blue Cone, the Nest and the Mirrorcube. However by October they plan to have added another two: the UFO and A Room With a View.

Treehotel co-founder Kent Lindvall, said: “Our goal in five years is to have 24 rooms from 24 different architects.”

Loacted in Harads (about 60 km south of the Arctic Circle) it is the Mirrorcube which has attracted the most attention because it is attached to a single tree (below).

Standing just four meters high and four meters wide, Lindvall said: “It’s an interesting building. You cannot find anything like this in the world today. It’s absolutely unique.” Because of its mirrored outer walls it will reflect everything – making it almost invisible.

Furthermore to stop birds from crashing into the mirrored outer walls, a special film has been applied which makes them visible to birdlife.

Anette Selberg (who is in charge of crafting an excursion program for guests) explained their philosophy: “This is untouched forest and we want to maintain it the same way. We decided for example to not offer snowmobile safari which is very common up here.”

Opening on July 17, it will cost $555 for two guests to stay in the Mirrorcube.


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