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Not Just a Concept – Stunning Beluga Superyacht

The stunning Beluga superyacht was unveiled at this year’s Monaco Boat Show, and critically, is not just a concept. Its designers are in talks with a major Dutch yacht manufacturer to produce the vessel which is actually for sale.

Designed by Puresang, the boat is inspired by Moby Dick & Pinocchio while the two living levels are connected by a glass staircases and mezzanine which emphasizes its height and light.

Features include a whisky bar and library made from the latest glass technologies, a green house filled with real palmtrees and a small vegetable garden, and a sunroof which measures 100 metres square and opens like the mouth of a whale.

The owners suite is situated on the roof in an oval, glassed room while the belly of the Beluga holds five luxury suites with extendable balconies.

Elsewhere you’ll find an ensuite spa, state of the art gym, movie theatre, and accommodation for 30 staff in separate facilities which include their own living area and kitchen.

The front of the Beluga centres round a beach club with a 14m long swimming pool as well as a cocktail bar with a two levelled lounge area.

Finally the tender garage (which will hold two custom made tenders) can transform into a state of the art nightclub with a glass lit dancefloor and top of the range Function One sound system.

Priced at approximately $200 million, we can only hope the project comes to fruition.

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