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Stella McCartney Launching LILY Fragrance

Stella McCartney Launching LILY Fragrance

Stella McCartney has announced the launch of her latest fragrance, which unusually features truffle as a top note.

Entitled L.I.L.Y, the perfume will launch exclusively in the UK at department store Selfridges January 26 before reaching other retailers February 15.

L.I.L.Y stands for ‘Linda I Love You’, which was the nickname given by Stella McCartney’s father, Sir Paul McCartney, to his late wife Linda.

McCartney’s truffle choice seems surprising at a time when recent releases have been particularly fruity and floral.

Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier of Firmenich, who worked with McCartney on her floral signature scent, Stella, explained his surprise at the decision.

“The truffle was unusual, but I said OK to Stella,” he is quoted as saying. “We used natural extract of truffle, and I actually told the suppliers we were working with that the extract was for a restaurant! I didn’t want to let people know what we were doing.”

Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney

McCartney, who described the arrival of truffles at a dinner table as being “sexy,” also revealed the sentimental meaning behind the fragrance’s name.

“It comes from my dad’s nickname for my mum: ‘Linda I love you,’” explained the designer, speaking of Sir Paul McCartney’s moniker for his late wife Linda.

L.I.L.Y also features notes of lily of the valley and oak moss. A body lotion and shower gel will also be available. Prices range from $25 – $100.

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