Simply Luxurious Spa Experience @ Cool Spa, Sri panwa

Located on the top of Cape Panwa, Sri panwa offers its guests a stunning view of Phuket’s sea and sky along with world class accommodation and facilities.

The orange pool villas situated down the mountain slopes are surrounded by a lush tropical forest. Each villa features quality facilities, privacy and excellent services. But the highlight of the resort, that we would like to present, is its spa named ‘Cool Spa’.

‘Cool Spa’ is located among the luxury pool villas of Sri panwa. The spa was named after its blue painted buildings that best reflect the cool and refreshing ambience of the leafy trees embracing the spa. As with the pool villas, ‘Cool Spa’ was built along the sloping hill with a great blending design of tropical contemporary and Sino – Portuguese architecture following the simply luxurious concept of the resort. So, you can be sure that being treated in the spa must be extremely delightful.Cool Spa

Apart from the verdant surroundings, the artificial waterfall falling down the spa terraces makes the spa really succulent or tempting as a juicy fruit. The splashing sound of the waterfall is like a melody lulling people’s minds while they are treated here.

Spa treatments are provided in unique locations either Private Spa Pavilions or Outdoor Bathing Jacuzzis. The treatments used in the spa are made from local natural ingredients & fruits such as mango, papaya, rambutan, tamarind, yogurt, honey, etc. The great combination, between the spa unique treatments and its exclusive massaging style, is the desirable way to pamper body and mind.

The recommended ‘Spa 7 Days’ package relaxes you with several spa menus including Delight, Sweet, Chill, Touch, Soothing, Pamper, and Bliss. Each menu features it own characteristics which suit the different tastes or desires of the guests.

Keeping the charming scenery of the indigo sea and sky together with the emerald environment around the spa in mind, throw away your exhaustion, and let the flowing waterfall and best spa treatment pamper you at Cool Spa @ Sri panwa for an impressively unforgettable spa experience.

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