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Simple Way to Improve Your Workspace

Improve Your WorkspaceAre you tired of talk about the economy? Are you one of those currently employed who has been handed an excessive workload due to staff cut-backs? Though there’s no room for complaint if you’re still lucky enough to have a steady income, you and your workspace could possibly use a little mood booster. Why not turn your workspace into a place you actually enjoy spending 40 (or more) hours a week. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’ll work wonders for your attitude. Having a fun, welcoming workspace is also a great way to showcase your personality.

It might seem a small thing and a little bit silly, but treat yourself to your very own box of tissues – real three layer Kleenex tissues, not the cheap one layer type that offi ces usually provide, if at all. Not only will you be comfortable when your sinuses start playing up, you’ll also attract the attention of other sore-nosed co-workers who are eager for softness! It’s also amazing what a little splash of colour from something as mundane as a tissue box can bring to your desk.

Surround yourself with great memories. Having pictures of family, friends and even pets can improve attitudes remarkably. Simply looking at a favourite picture can put a smile on your face, so why not have a few on display in your workspace? Lighting is also important. A normal offi ce features the washed-out glow of fl orescent bulbs as a form of illumination, and it’s hard to live with that day in and day out. Why not use a lamp that uses a standard light bulb, changing the tone of the lighting may bring warmth to your space.

Plants – Don’t panic if you are not green fingered, some plants are nearly impossible to kill and are very much suited to an offi ce environment. It doesn’t matter about the time you spend on it or what light it receives. Plants you can find in your grocery store stand up to just about anything. They’re used to artificial lighting and minimal attention. Buy a nice colourful plant pot to place on your desk, and there you have it. Instant décor!

Have your own mug. Many European offi ces require this now as they believe it to be more environmentally friendly than using the old style plastic cups and yes it’s a wonderful idea. Drinking out of a real mug can make you feel more at home while you’re working, and that’s a good thing taking into account how long we spend in the office.

Simple little touches like these add instant appeal to your space. So rather than bringing work home, why
not bring a bit of home to work?

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