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Sala Suddhavasa internal arts centre – a heavenly abode on earth

Sala Suddhavasa

Nestled at the end of a quiet soi in Naiharn is the Sala Suddhavasa Internal Arts Centre. The only true internal arts school in phuket.

What are internal arts?
Internal arts are practises both physical and mental that deal directly with internal energy known as Qi (Chi) or prana, these exercises can be both still or moving, passive or dynamic. The most classical and well known internal arts are taiji (taichi), yoga, qigong (chi gung) and meditation.

At Sala Suddhavasa, the methods used in these practises are traditional and authentic and the arts of taiji, yoga, qigong and meditation are taught not only in a physical way but work directly with energy and mind leading to profound benefits, unlike many modern schools which focus only on the physical body.

Physical: the benefits in the physical body encompass:

  • stretching and opening the tendons and connective tissue,
  • strengthening and stabilising the muscular system,
  • cleansing and revitalising the organs,
  • purifying the blood and skin
  • calming and rejuvenating the nervous system.

Energy: there are 3 main aspects of human energy. The physical energy which is increased and stabilized, the life force which is accumulated and purified and the emotional and mental energies which are balanced and calmed, leading to concentration as well as release of negative tendencies and stress.

Sala SuddhavasaThe Practices
Taiji quan “supreme ultimate fist” is considered the pinnacle of all martial arts. An internal system based on principles of softness generating power & stillness overcoming movement. Taiji is enjoyed by people of all ages & all levels of fitness. A complete system in itself, taiji leads to gains in health, self defense & meditative awareness. Being internal and subtle, taiji builds power & clarity in the body, energy & mind. In order to gain the true results of taiji, one needs to train with a teacher who can demonstrate the true internal power of the art & teach a genuine traditional system.

Qi gong “energy work” focuses on building, refining & controlling the internal energies of the mind &body. Qi gong practice will empower one & deepen their level of martial arts, sports, healing or meditation whilst building health & well being.
Raja yoga or the royal path is known to be one of the world’s most ancient systems available today. Yoga is the mother of all mind body practises, this age old art born in the mystical land of India, works with asana (postures) pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. These exercises bring the body to a healthier state, balance out physical limitations, improve blood circulation which results in an overall healthy body and calm mind, presenting itself from the outside perspective as a fresh looking, lean, strong and flexible body.

Meditation is the only practice used by all genuine spiritual traditions throughout the ages. There are two methods of meditation samata (calm abiding) & vipassana (clear seeing). At Sala Suddhavasa these practices lead one to peace, spiritual power & wisdom.

The Centre
Sala Suddhavasa is an internal arts centre offering private & group sessions in taiji, yoga & meditation within an idyllic setting located in Naiharn. Classes are taught by dedicated practitioners recognized for their world-class instruction with branches in Australia & U.S.A.

The Teachers
After years of teaching kung fu, taiji, qi gung & meditation, Sifu Mizner founded Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International. The school, with branches located in Australia, USA & Thailand, is dedicated to upholding the traditional & genuine art of Taiji & Qi Gong. The style taught is Yang style taiji for which he holds a direct lineage. One is soon made privy to many long lost secrets, as one becomes aware of Sifu Mizner’s open & honest teaching style. Sifu Adam Mizner ‘s training included in depth study of Theravada & Mahayana Buddhism, Complete Reality Taoism & the hermetic sciences. These practises were refined during long temple stays and live in initiation spanning years. Sifu Mizner continues his spiritual training under the guidance of his teacher Luang Por Jumnian Silasettho.

Ajahn Kim White embarked on her Yogic journey in early childhood. Years of training the body & mind & on going cultivation, have resulted in the development of her own yogic system, ‘mindbody yoga’ this system is not a new ‘style’ of yoga but rather a system doing away with styles & returning to the true essence of yoga. Kim trains both new & advanced students in asana, pranayama, yoga nidra & chakra work utilizing esoteric methods of vibrational transmission via Tibetan singing bowls & samadhi. Ajahn Kim teaches private & group sessions with clear and distinctive results.

The main mission at Sala Suddhavasa is to offer traditional & practical teachings that have been desired by many but given to few….until now, bringing a slice of the Suddhavasa pure abodes to earth. A heavenly place to train and learn!

Sala Suddhavasa Soi Saiyuan 9 Saiyuan Road Naiharn.
Phone: 0862769174 website: suddhavasa.com email: info@suddhavasa.com

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