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Limited edition Riva Aquariva yacht designed by Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson has designed a limited edition Aquariva in collaboration with the Ferretti Group brand and Italian luxury boat manufacturer Riva yacht.

The Aquariva,  a high-tech take on nautical design-first created in 2001-receives an innovative yet simplified makeover, with phenolic composite (an extremely durable wood-like laminate) covering the deck area instead of traditional mahogany and anodized aluminum used in place of stainless steel for an overall sleeker aesthetic.

0Heralding the classic glamour of the Aquariva’s predecessor, the Aquarama, Newson infused identifiable Riva attributes while keeping within his own signature style. A streamlined instrument panel, a wrap-around laminated glass windshield, separated driver and passenger seats, handles and hooks that disappear when not in use, a re-imagined stern and state-of-the-art transmission all bring the boat to new standards without compromising its history as an opulent pleasure vessel.

A limited edition of 22, Newson’s Aquariva yacht will debut in September 2010 and will be available worldwide through NYC’s Gagosian Gallery from September 14th to October 16th 2010.

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