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Enjoy Quan Spa signature treatments at Renaissance Phuket & Spa

Quan Spa is located in the heart of the Renaissance Resort & Spa in Mai Khao Beach. This unique architectural designed spa is surrounded by stunning landscaped gardens and makes use of natural materials wherever possible.

Quan is a Chinese word meaning “a source of pure water”, which draws on the restorative properties of water to offer an oasis of healing and rejuvenation. Borrowed from a language rich in symbolism and imagery, Quan also refers to all things good and pure – an auspicious word to represent a spa that seeks to provide a path to wholeness and well-being.

Keeping in line with its name, Quan Spa uses water as its main theme, whether it be the large main water feature in the centre of the spa, around which are the 8 private Treatment rooms are positioned or the soothing waterfall and Koi carp pond at the relaxation area where you are taken at the end of treatments.

The 8 treatment rooms are divided into 4 categories:

– 2 Single Treatment Room
– 2 Zen Treatment Room
– 1 Bathing Suite
– 3 Double Treatment Room

Each room offers a garden view, an outdoor shower, work station counter, sofa, coffee table and make-up counter.
There is also a beauty saloon where manicures and pedicures and a whole range of hair and beauty treatments are performed.


Nan from the phuketindex.com team was recently invited to visit Quan Spa and was privileged enough to enjoy two of their signature treatments, the Bath Therapy Revitalise Treatment and the Aroma Fusion Massage.
Bath Therapy Revitalise Treatment (45 minutes)

This treatment, which is popular with couples, begins with the feet being washed; this is performed to help you to relax before the treatments begin. Then pure sea salts are mixed together with essential oils to make the scrub to be used for an all over exfoliating body scrub. The oils are mixed with the sea salt to reduce the coarseness of the salt prior to it being applied to the body. The all over body scrub is then performed. After the scrub, you are required to take a shower to remove the scrub and the body is then dried.

The next stage of the treatment is a 15 minute soak in the spa tub. Marine extract and essential oils are added to the water prior to you entering the water. The oils which are used help to revitalise the most tired mind and body. After your soak in the tub, the body is pat dried as not to remove too many of the oils from the body prior to the second treatment the Aroma Fusion Massage.

Aroma Fusion Massage (60 or 90 minutes)

The Aroma Fusion Massage uses the ancient arts of aromatherapy and Swedish massage and provides the ultimate in relaxation by utilising different blends of oils depending on the time of day. This is due to the fact that your senses respond differently depending on what time of day it is. For our massage, which was performed at around one in the afternoon, a blend of almond, lavender and grape seed oils were used. These are a lot lighter than the oils which would have been used if the massage was performed in the night. Laying on your front, the legs back and arms are massaged first, then once you have turned over the fronts of the legs and body are massage and finally the face and head.

The exfoliating body scrub leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother and removes the dead skin that everyday washing usually cannot remove. The combination of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Mint oils revitalise the mind and body totally. The Aroma Fusion Massage completes the task by giving the body a totally relaxing experience.

Phuketindex.com would like to thank Yotsawadee (Waan) Nuannet and her team for inviting us to visit the experience that is Quan Spa.

Spa Opening Hours
10:00 – 22:00 Hrs

Spa Reservations
Email: quanspaphuket@renaissancehotels.com
Tel: +66(0) 76 363999