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Prada’s Fantasy Lookbook for Fall/Winter 2010

Prada has just released on its website the Fantasy Lookbook for its Fall/Winter 2010 collection, which mixes real-life fashion photography with digital illustration.

The companion to the look book, the Fantasy Motionbook, a short film showcasing the season’s top looks using still drawings and animated sequences, will be posted on the Prada website on November 3.

With original artwork by OMA and photography by Phil Meec, the video portrays comic book-like fashion sketches evolving into real-life campaign images and catwalk footage from the F/W 2010 collection.

Several online blogs and magazines like and Grazia have already leaked the two-minute long video prematurely on their websites.

Prada has been producing the Fantasy Lookbook every season since 2007, a testament to designer Miuccia Prada’s deep appreciation for the arts and her own conceptual approach to fashion.

Her Prada Fondazione, founded nearly a decade ago, has curated shows on behalf of some of the world’s most renowned artists including Anish Kapoor and Louise Bourgeois.

Prada told Grazia magazine that she plans to open a 17,500-square-meter Rem Koolhaas-designed museum in Milan in 2012 that will house her personal artwork collection.

A “look book” is the fashion industry term used to describe a collection of images that are assembled to create different outfits.

Produced each season by both luxury and mainstream fashion retailers, the main objective of these books is to inspire shoppers with complete head-to-toe looks.

Fashion brands are becoming increasingly creative with their look books, either in the artistic sense like Prada or in the digital sense like American Apparel.

In March 2010, American Apparel became the first retailer to implement a digital look book orchestrated through a social website.

Collaborating with the fashion online community, the American label produced a 64-page print look book featuring 132 of its favorite looks as modeled by 77 members.

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