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Portable watermelon cooler

In Japan, watermelons have become a luxury food that apparently now requires a carry-on luggage-like cooler/warmer, a world’s first.
First came the square watermelon creation that was introduced to the global market with the hefty price tag of $75 (€56.41) for 6.8kg. In Japan the same square watermelon can cost ¥10,000 yen (€90).

The Japanese site sells the single round watermelon on-the-go cooling or warming device for ¥19,950 (€179) referred to as “まるごと たまちゃん”.

To fully understand how it works, you need to be able to translate the Japanese site better than Google translate, but it appears to have these features:

– AC / DC power cord
– 35.4cm × vertical side height 50.2cm × 39.2cm, handle: up to 54cm
– made of ABS resin
– 6.3kg
– 14L capacity
– cold-warm-cold three-wheel casters
– 1/AC100V (with adapter)
– 40 ~ 65W
– one-year warranty

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