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Pinel & Pinel – Arcade 80s Trunk

Luxury cabinet/luggage/bag maker Pinel & Pinel has added an Arcade 80s Trunk on wheels to its collection.

It features a 1080p LCD screen and over 60 classic games including Space Invaders, Pac-Man and 1942.
There are two existing versions of the arcade/jukebox. One is classic and the other is a GT version, but both come with chrome wheels and a sleek look.

This high-end gaming cabinet can be dressed in deluxe materials like leather available in 51 colors, crocodile, and shagreen.

The trunk also has an iPhone/iPod dock so you can listen to your MP3s on the described ‘very high definition sound system’.
There is no information on the pricing yet but given the luxurious trimmings, this arcade cabinet ain’t coming cheap.

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