Peking Roast Duck in Phuket

Chinese idiom said 不到长城非好汉不吃烤鸭真遗憾 which means ‘If you don’t go to the great wall, you’re not a real man. If you don’t try Beijing roast duck, that’s a pity.’

If you have a chance to visit Beijing, these two things are recommended. Otherwise if you are now in Phuket and really want to try Beijing roast duck. Then it’s a must for you to go to The Royal Kitchen at The Royal Paradise Hotel and Spa.

The manner of serving and eating Beijing roast duck (or Peking roast duck) is very unique. The chef presents you the whole duck and shows how to slice. One duck may produce 120 very thin slices and served with thin pancakes, green onion, shallot, sweet soybean paste.

Don’t miss your chance of trying Peking roast duck at The Royal Kitchen.

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