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Night Golfing at Phunaka

Have you heard the story about Tiger Woods meeting Stevie Wonder in a bar? Stevie claims to have a handicap of 2 “But” says Tiger, “you’re blind!” “No problem” says Stevie; “I get my caddie to go to where the ball should land and clap his hands. I judge the distance by loudness and just shoot in that direction.” “Wow” says Tiger, “We should play together sometime.” “OK” says Stevie, “But let’s make it interesting, $100,000 a hole.” Tiger thinks about it but, hell, he can afford it. “OK” he says, “When shall we play?” “Any night you like” says Stevie.

Love of the game of golf leads some golfers to do some amazingly silly things but playing at night at Phunaka is not so daft. This 9 – hole floodlit course allows the golf nut to play after the sun sets when any sensible man would be in the bar. Or woman for that matter, since golf is becoming more and more popular with the fairer sex; just look at the mothers on the LPGA tour.

There are advantages to playing at night: you don’t have to skip work, no harmful UV’s, it’s cooler, and it helps to keep you out of the aforesaid bar (or maybe work up a thirst?). Also, golfing at night has a surreal aspect when watching the luminous ball soar through the night sky. Strangely enough, you don’t get it and the stars confused and unexpectedly it is not that difficult. The course is well lit and the wavering shadows caused by the undulations of the fairway actually add to the enchantment. Surprisingly few balls are lost (they glow remember) but of course if you slice or hook right out of the circle of light then you do have a spot of bother. I know some fanatics who would probably wait for dawn rather than take a drop.

Phunaka is the latest course to join the golfing list in Phuket, but the only one that is floodlit. Together with the floodlit range with the realistic “greens” at various ranges, and excellent instructors it really is well worth a visit. Try a new experience, try night golf, it really is a lot of fun.

In the south of the island, close to Chalong Temple on the Chao Fa Road West. A good experience, day and night.

Phunaka Golf Course
74 Yaowaraj Rd., Talad, Munag, Phuket 83000 Thailand
Tel.:+66 (0) 86 470 9092 Fax:+ 66 76 (0) 521 121

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