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New Infiniti Yachts to be Unveiled in Monaco

Infiniti Yachts, an exciting newcomer to the yachting industry, is to unveil its new luxury range at the Monaco Boat Show, distinguished by the brand’s Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) technology.

Essentially a foil that extends leeward, DSS makes the vessel stiffer, faster and less prone to pitching and motion which lends the boat the characteristics of a much larger ship.

Yachtzoo’s Chris Richardson (whose sales team are representing the brand) said: “Visitors will be able to see for themselves the differences and allow us to highlight to them the strengths of the new business. We will be doing this by clearly showcasing the proven qualities of the DSS technology which is the key point of benefit that sets us apart.”

Infinity is currently producing three yachts for its clients – a 55ft, 100ft and 150ft model.

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