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Muay Chaiya @ Sukko Spa

As most people already know, Thailand’s national martial art is Muay Thai. But how many people actually know real Muay Thai, going more in-depth than two boxers exchanging kicks and punches?

Original Muay Thai uses one’s wits more than brute strength, and usually ends up with injuries being sustained by both participants. Muay Chaiya, a style of Muay Thai, clearly illustrates this.

Muay Chaiya is one of the oldest styles of Muay Thai and originates from the town of Chaiya in the southern Surat Thani Province. It’s a form of martial art which uses details you will not find in modern Muay Thai. It focuses on damaging the opponents weapons (arms legs etc) whilst blocking with the elbows and knees.

Muay Chaiya can be learnt by people of all ages, both men and women, for exercise, self-defense and competitive fighting.

Muay Chaiya, not only uses fists, feet, knees, and elbows as in modern Muay Thai, but also uses long-lost moves like throwing, pressing, grabbling or clinching and joint breaking (Toom-Tup-Jub-Huk). There are other sets of techniques with names that rhyme and contain deep meanings. They are to lure, mislead, elude, avoid, deceive, and tease (Lor-Lork-Lop-Leek-Lorklor-Lorlen), or to hug, squeeze, swing the opponent from side to side, and cast or throw the opponent down (Kod-Rad-Fad-Wieng). These are techniques used for inside fighting which you will no longer see in modern Muay Thai.

Even the way to fall, get up, roll on the ground, and crawl (Lom-Look-Klook-Klan), which deal with proper way of rolling on the ground and falling so the participants wouldn’t get hurt.

So, a performer of Muay Chaiya, does not limit themselves to stand up strike fighting. If a fighter goes down, they still have to be able to fight effectively. Due to the fact Muay Chiya was created to use in the combat zones, being able to fight with many challengers at the same time has made Muay Chaiya so impressive.

Muay Chaiya classes at Sukko Spa are directed in the traditional and methodical way. Students will learn from the very beginning. They will be taught about defending themselves by blocking or shielding, brushing away, covering, and opening (Pong-Pud-Pid-Perd), until they are capable of protected themselves if they are attacked. They will then move on to be taught more advanced Muay Chaiya techniques, or Look-mai.

Muay Chaiya Movement

Narayana Yang yam 
(Narayana Amble Movement)

Kochasan Kwan Nguang
(Elephant Trunk Movement)

Chang Sabad Ya
(Elephant Flicks Grass Movement)

Khun Kon Tee Tang
(Blacksmith Hitting Anvil Movement)

Nak Koo Banlang
(Naga Meditate)

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