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Mom Tri’s VR Gallery Presents Phuket Artists On Show


Mom Tri’s VR Gallery Presents Phuket Artists On ShowVR Gallery has asked local and resident artist to display some of their favourite works. The exhibition features three local Phuket Thai artists and two resident artists. Pieces are combinations of oil on canvas, mixed media and wood. Themes range from nature, nautical, nude and abstract, creating a fascinating and multi-faceted display of art work.

The exhibition features work from Thai artists Watcharin Rodnit, Chaiwat Kaewnok and Kriengrat Thepphabut and resident artist Robin Gillow and Christiane Wyler.

watcharin rodnitWatcharin Rodnit

As a Silpakorn University Master Art, honours graduate, Thai artist Watcharin Rodnit catergorises his work as naturalistic. His painting is a continuance of ideas and intentions beginning with the concept through to the completed work of art.

The ever evolving techniques characteristically include altering the richness of colour, shadows and power of each brushstroke creating more vivid, violent and bold pieces. He continues to have exhibitions nationally and internationally. He is part of the Chino Art Group in Phuket.

Robin Gillow

Australian artist, Robin Gillow (nee Bullen) was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but has lived in many countries. Her exhibiting career began while still in primary school and despite spending much of her married life aboard her home, a small 30ft yacht on which she lives with her husband and daughter, she coninued to paint. Using her lap or the chart table as her easel pieces tended to be on the small size.

Painting became a way to help earn cruising funds and keep her hand in. It is only recently – since 2009 – that Robin has had the luxury of a studio, time and space in which to paint larger work.

From race horses, race yachts, land and seascapes, portraits to commercial work, there is not much Robin has not covered at some point in her creative career. A highly prolific artist, she exhibits her work both locally and internationally regularly.

Mom Tri’s VR Gallery Presents Phuket Artists On Show

Chaiwat Kaewnok

Local artist Somkiat Kaewnok was born in southern Thailand in 1971. Showing primarily in Thai galleries and in Bangkok, his work is becoming widely known and recognizable for its unique style with deep impressions. His main obsession, painting the women from the Padung tribes, remains the primary obsession and subject matter of his work.

Their practice of placing metal rings around their necks to extend them fascinated him as a child, and became the primary objects in his work. Through developing his style over the years, the subjects are still women, moved from the intense focus to the women from the Padung tribes to other women on the island, and the style has moved from more realistic impressions to abstracted female figures.

But they still have the same iconic long and beautiful necks that are his trademark. The work is entirely otherworldly. The most recent works from Somkiat Kaewnok are a vibrant and colorful testimony to the poetry of a painter’s vision.

VR Gallery

Christiane Wyler

The first thing you are likely to notice about Christiane Wyler’s semi-abstract artworks is her bold and confident use of colour. Flaming and swirling shades and hues that might ordinarily disturb us visually become interesting, appealing under the hand of the artist. Strong tones of blue, turquoise, yellow and green blend and contrast; shades of magenta, flame orange and purple spin across the surface of the canvas!

Kriengrat Thepphabut

Kriangrat Thephabutra: Also a graduate of Silpakorn University, Kriangrat received his Bachelors of Fine Art. His paintings and sculptures have been exhibited throughout Thailand since 2006 at the Impact Arena and Silom Gallery in Bangkok. He is part of the Chino Art Group in Phuket.

The exhibition is running from now until October 13, 2013

VR Gallery is one of Phuket’s only dedicated art galleries featuring rotating exhibitions. Mom Tri has long been a supporter of the arts and culture by supporting events and venues in Phuket.

VR Gallery, adjacent to Mom Tri’s Villa Royale
On the only road into Kata Noi
12 Kata Noi Road, Phuket 83100 Tel: 76 333 568

Info http://www.momtriphuket.com art@momtriphuket.com

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