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Mercedes-Benz Thailand to celebrate leadership for the 10th consecutive years

  • Mercedes-Benz to maintain luxury market already 10th consecutive year
  • Number one premium brand in Thailand, sales growth increase of 23 percent
  • Mercedes-Benz leads the market with C-, E- and S-Class.

Continuing the trend established with positive results for 2010, Mercedes-Benz has claimed the top spot in Thailand’s luxury car segment for the 10th consecutive year. Sales figures for 2010 give Mercedes-Benz a luxury car market share of 48 percent with unit sales of 4,748 vehicles, an increase of 23 percent.

Mercedes-Benz has been growing in all product segments the past year, and leads the market with its C-, E-, and S-Class vehicles. Sales have gotten their biggest boost from the E- and C-Class sedans.

Benz Thailand

The breakdown for Mercedes-Benz sales in 2010 were:

  • C-Class 1,748 units were sold, to 48.5% of segment market share, increase of 3%
  • E-Class 2,600 units were sold, to 65 % of segment market share, increase of 48%
  • S-Class 362 units were sold, to 42.7% of segment market share, increase of 6%
  • B/M/G/R-Class altogether 38 units, to 2.6% of total segment market share.

The last year market launch of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG super sports car added another fascinating vehicle to the brand’s product range. Besides the SLS AMG and the S-, E-, and C-Class sedans, Mercedes-Benz also offers the B-Class, the ML SUVs, the E-Class coupe and cabriolet, the SL, the CLS, the SLK-Class and the newly-launched of the R-Class.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Paufler, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said “We were extremely successful this past year, exceeding practically all of our targets, some quite considerably. We are delighted to hold the leadership position not only in the overall figures but also as the leader in each of our categories. Mercedes-Benz leads the market with C-, E-, and S-Class sedans. Sales in the fourth quarter were substantially higher than in the same period of the previous year. The new E-Class and the new-generation C-Class contributed particularly to this achievement.”

Inspiring our customers is the success factor. We make a firm promise to our customers who will experience a level of appreciation – excellent customer care, prestige & social recognition; feel for flair & style of our products – that no other automobile brand can offer. This level of appreciation is achieved.

“Our customers experienced these values directly. Mercedes-Benz will of course continue with utmost attention in the future because appreciation of customers is our paramount goal.” said Dr. Paufler.

Product offensive to generate positive momentum in 2011

Prof. Dr. Paufler on the outlook for 2011: “Prospects are looking very good for Mercedes-Benz in this auspicious year since it was the 125th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz when Carl Benz filed an application in Berlin for a patent on his three-wheeled motor car on 29 January 1886. We will offer our customers many attractive model line-up and expect to generate additional momentum with a wide range of new products. With its combination of fascinating design, high quality, extensive safety features, and outstanding efficiency, the 2011 new products completely embodies the brand values of Perfection, Fascination, and Responsibility, which will further boost sales momentum. The product offensive will kick off with the market launch of the new CL-Class early next month.

Amongst other new product varieties, Mercedes-Benz will expand its range of fuel-efficient and environmental BlueEFFICIENCY vehicles. These relevant drive technologies – from CDI, natural gas technology (NGT) through petrol direct injection (CGI) and be capable running with Gasohol E 20 – that we are systematically bringing to market to the benefit of our customers and the environment, are an integral part of our strategy for sustainable mobility.”

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