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Swedish driver faces $1 million fine for speeding

Police in Switzerland said on monday they had seized a Swedish motorist’s $240,000 sports car after he was caught doing 290 kph on a Swiss motorway. The 37-year-old Swedish citizen was driving a black Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS, which carries a 570-horsepower engine. With a speed limit of 120 kph (70 mph), the driver swept by a permanent speed trap but was spotted by local police. He was immediately arrested and turned over to the police in the western canton of Fribourg. Authorities said the man could be facing up to $1 million Swiss francs ($962,000) for his speeding offense.

A local magistrate ordered police to keep the car as security pending a likely court ruling and an eventual sentence. Driving more than 25 kilometres an hour over the 120-kilometre speed limit on motorways in Switzerland is regarded as a criminal offence, and fines are based on a driver’s revenue. Swiss officials were unable to say if it was a record because they do not keep such nationwide data, but it “looks very close to one,”. Source: AFP – Photo:

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