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MB&F Reveals The Horological Machine No.2 “Final Editions”

Horological Machine No2 First launched in 2008, Horological Machine No2 revolutionized the world of haute horlogerie with its distinctive rectangular shape, flying buttresses, dual portholes and modular construction.
The crystal-clear sapphire case of HM2-SV then took the revolution even further by offering unprecedented visual access into the meticulously hand-finished, 349-component engine powering the indications on HM2′s iconic twin dials.

But all good things come to an end and, after three very successful years, Horological Machine No2 takes one last bow on center stage with two final limited editions.

Horological Machine No2 The HM2-Black SV and the HM2-Red SV – both featuring sapphire cases – will close the HM2 collection, thus ensuring its exclusivity.

While both new final models are derived from the original HM2-SV, each has its own very distinctive identity.

HM2-Black SV features a sapphire case, black dials and a black PVD titanium baseplate that makes a strongly contrasting backdrop for the unique architecture of the HM2 Engine inside, which is framed by an electric green rubber gasket clearly visible through the transparent top.

Turning the watch over reveals yet another splash of colour from the vivid green 22K gold winding rotor.

HM2-Red SV has its sapphire case black dials mounted on a regal red gold baseplate. The black dials, black rubber gasket and the rich red of the caseback provide a stunning juxtaposition with HM2′s silver Engine.

Turning the watch over rewards the viewer with the sight of MB&F’s signature 22K red gold battle-axe rotor complimenting the red gold of the caseback.

Only 18 pieces of the HM2 Black SV and another 18 pieces of the Red SV will be produced, with each costing $98,000.

Source: Luxuo

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