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MB&F Horological Machine No 3 Chocolate Frog

MB&F Horological Machine No 3 Chocolate FrogThe PuristS’ family of horology websites is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2011. A number of watchmakers and brands will be issuing limited edition or piece unique watches to commemorate a decade of PuristS independence on the horological scene. The first PuristS 10th watch announced is the Chocolate Frog from MB&F.

The MB&F Horological Machine N°3 Chocolate Frog watch is a limited edition of 10 pieces encased in yummy chocolate PVD-coated Grade 5 titanium with an engraved red gold rotor.

Max Büsser declared, “We will never do another chocolate titanium Frog after this! We conceived this very special piece, specifically to honour PuristS support for ‘the little guy’.

MB&F Horological Machine No 3 Chocolate FrogThe support of PuristS over the years for Independent Horology has been instrumental in the growth of the new wave of independent, creative watchmaking. Without PuristS, companies like MB&F could not exist …”

The watch will be presented on 30th May 2011 by Max Büsser at IGOTT-2 – a unique event bringing together members of the PuristS community from across the world  !

Priced at $79,000, the MB&F Chocolate Frog orders are exclusive through!

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