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MB&F Horological Machine No.6 : Space Pirate

MB&F Horological Machine No.6 : Space Pirate

Wild watch makers MB&F have just revealed their latest creation, the HM6 Space Pirate. Inspired by Japanese sci-fi cartoons and 1970s biodesign, HM6 ‘Space Pirate’ is their most complex machine to date.

Space is an extremely hostile environment. To survive you need protection against powerful accelerations, dangerous thermonuclear radiation, extreme temperature fluctuations and constant risk of unexpected collisions.

Horological Machine No.6 (HM6) Space Pirate has been designed to operate in the hostile environment of space: the space on your wrist.

MB&F Horological Machine No.6 : Space Pirate

In each of the four corners of HM6′s biomorphic case is a 360° sphere, capped top and bottom by transparent sapphire crystal domes.

Up forward, two semi-spherical indications rotate vertically (90° to the Engine), respectively displaying hours and minutes in large, highly legible numerals.

Aft, driven by the automatic winding rotor, twin spherical turbines spin, automatically regulating the winding system to reduce stress and wear.

The central dome on top houses a 60-second flying tourbillon under a ‘winking’ eye-like retractable cover.

The sapphire crystal display portal on the back reveals some of the 475 beautifully hand-finished components making up the highly complex engine.

The MB&F HM6 Space Pirate in Grade 5 titanium will be released in a limited edition of 50 pieces at the price of $230,000.

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