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Marc Jacobs has launched its first e-commerce site .

The new e-commerce site is playful, unique and innovative and brings the online storefront alive through a mix of whimsical illustration, photography and video.

The look for Marc Jacob’s first e-commerce site was designed to go back to the roots of the Marc Jacobs brand, which is fun, entertaining and engaging.

The home page shows an illustration of a store entrance with actual runway video from both of the brand’s collections playing in the windows.

There are also pictures of actual sales people wearing Marc Jacobs clothing throughout the site, their outfits and identities change over time.

Prices range from about $30 for perfume to about $8,000 for a fur coat. Since the site does not use Flash, it will work smoothly on mobile phones and the iPad.

The site was created by digital commerce agency CREATETHE GROUP, which has worked with Marc Jacobs since 2004 and has helped shape the brand’s digital presence.

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