From Sweden to Hong Kong and Finally Phuket

Magnus Bergekrans

Managing Director Paradise Beach Kamala Co., Ltd. And Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel & Villas

We recently interviewed Mr Magnus Bergekrans, the Managing Director of the new Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel & Villas, and were quite surprised to find that for a man who is in control of such an organization, he is although scrupulously polite, a surprisingly quiet and calm executive.

Hailing from Sweden, Mr Bergekrans first came to Asia 30 years ago as a businessman based in Hong Kong. He used to spend his vacations in Phuket and after 10 years decided to move here, believing that the beautiful, but then pretty much undeveloped island, had enormous potential for growth and was just the golden opportunity he sought. Although he got off to a slowish start, his instinct has proven correct and gradually his empire grew.

“I started with a restaurant at first, then progressed to small guesthouses and billing businesses. Gradually we grew and grew into the hotel business.” Says Mr Bergekrans. “Actually, the idea for the hotel came originally from my nephew with whom I discussed the possibilities. I have to admit, I was pretty well hooked by his argument so we decided to go into it together.” Said Mr Bergekrans.

Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel & Villas was designed as a retreat for the cosmopolitan urban dweller to really ‘get away from it all’. The architecture and style of the resort is designed to attract an eclectic clientele who are used to nothing but the best, and expect excellence in every way. Perched on a headland on ‘Millionaires Mile’ at the southern end of Kamala Bay, the whole complex, hotel, villa accommodations, bars and other facilities, all have beautiful sea views and, as it is on the west coast, magnificent sunsets.

“I think it is the unique location and our first-rate service that will make us different from other hotels.” Explains Mr Bergekrans, “No matter where you are in the hotel, from the swimming pool, through the 146 rooms to the Sky Bar, you have an uninterrupted sea view, and that, coupled with the sea breeze blowing off the Andaman Sea makes it a place that people will love.”

“In the present economic climate, we, like most people in this industry, have to put a lot of effort into marketing. We have a sales office in Bangkok and have joined fair trades etc., but as newcomers, our first task is to generate public awareness as to our existence. We are concentrating on getting our message to the right potential clientele; giving as much information as possible about who we are, what we have to offer, and what they will get for their money.”

Mr Bergekrans continued by saying that ‘value for money’ is what concerns him the most, realizing that when selecting a hotel, this is a significant factor for the public nowadays. “It’s not easy at the moment,” he admitted, “There is a lot of competition in this industry which is really giving us a challenge. We have to make sure that we are able to offer something very special and develop a reputation that is second to none among our visitors. We want them to come back, and to spread the word about us, so we must make sure we have done everything within our powers to be truly 5-Star.”

Helping to build the 5-Star image is a poolside club and bar, a health club including a gym and yoga facilities. A spa, gourmet restaurant, Sky bar, snooker room, gallery, 30 metre pool, conference room, tennis court and the ‘Chambre Separe’ a private room for functions and parties.

“Although we are not yet 100% complete, I am hopeful that we will have plenty of bookings in the coming high season. I’m sure we all want to see Phuket’s tourist industry come alive again, after all, it is not just to the benefit of individual businesses, but it encompasses the economic well being of the whole island.” would not disagree!

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