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Gourmet dining comes to luxury sailing yachts

Gourmet dining comes to luxury sailing yachts

Starting this summer and through to October, Star Clippers is inviting celebrity chefs and sommeliers to board its luxury sailing cruises to concoct gourmet menus.

Passengers aboard the Star Clipper and the Star Flyer this summer will sail the Mediterranean in the company of world-class chefs including Bea Schulz, Otto Koch and Marcus Semmler, as well as expert sommeliers such as Olivier Assire, Nathalie Lumpp and Bruno David.

The chefs will work hand in hand with the wine experts to pair exquisite dishes with carefully chosen beverages.

The cruises, with a minimum length of seven days, are priced starting at €1,720 (around $2,340) per passenger including meals.

The Star Clipper and Star Flyer can each accommodate up to 170 passengers and 74 crew members.

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