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LPGC Club Annual Access Cards

Gold and Silver access cards offering from Laguna Phuket Golf Club


  • Cardholders are entitled to use the golf course with no green fee payable for the 12 month term of card. (Blackout period applies)
  • Cardholders will be extended a 50% discount off the visitor rate for up to three of his/her guests at any one time. The card holder must play with the guests.
  • Cardholders will receive a 50% discount on all food and beverages purchased at the Banyan Café.
  • Cardholders will have LPGC reciprocal clubs rights for the term of the card. This includes 20 free rounds at our sister club, Laguna Bintan Golf Club, Indonesia.


  • The card is non transferable.
  • Blackout period for play is from 26 December till 8 January. The card holder will receive a 50% discount off the visitor rate for green fees during this time. The card holder’s guests will still be able to receive a 50% discount off the visitor rate.
  • All caddy fees payable at the point of registration.
  • The card holder’s rights are limited to the use of the golf course only. The use of other facilities and including discounts as per a regular membership (other than Banyan Café) is restricted.
  • Card holders are bound by the clubs rules and regulations. Failure to follow may result in a one month suspension followed by cancellation of the card for the balance of the term for a repeat offence.
  • Card holders are expected to make a tee time reservation prior to any game.
  • The card may not be used for business purposes. Any card holder found doing so will have their card cancelled with no refund.

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