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Louis Vuitton Journeys Africa Teams Up With Bono – U2

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Ali Hewson and U2-vocalist Bono, the founders of Edun, a for-profit fashion brand with a mission to encourage trade with Africa and raise awareness of the possibilities there, have partnered with Louis Vuitton’s Core Values advertising campaign, set in Africa and photographed by the legendary Annie Leibowitz.

Antoine Arnault, head of communications at Louis Vuitton says, “We are delighted that both Ali and Bono, who have never before participated in an advertising campaign, agreed to be photographed for Core Values. We are very proud of our association with Edun.”

Both Ali and Bono agree.

“We want Edun to be a success because the more it grows, the more we can do on the ground,” says Edun founder Ali Hewson.

U2-vocalist and activist Bono adds, “Ali has worked hard to build Edun from scratch, and thanks to LVMH’s commercial muscle and support, this fledgling company can go from strength to strength — which means increased business for our partners in developing countries.”

The beautifully shot ad captures Bono and Hewson strolling through Africa, wearing Edun clothing. Ali is carrying the collaboration bag, a brown Keepall 45 in Louis Vuitton’s embossed Monogram Révélation leather and a Monogram charm hand-crafted in Kenya by Made, a fair-trade fashion accessory company which strives to provide employment and promote ethical trade in Africa.

Proceeds from the Louis Vuitton/Edun collaboration bag will go to TechnoServe in Africa for the Conservation Cotton Initiative and related programs, and Bono and Hewson have donated their fee for the shoot to the cause as well.

Source: Justluxe

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  1. You both look wonderful and teaming up with Louis Vuitton’s Core Values is a sign that while Shakirra makes fun of me on stage and calls me crazy with sign language and makes fun of the cross, the world is wakening to the significance of My Global Peace and Reform Program and Revoution of Compassion of being human above all race color culture religion or gender and have conscience which is the line between animals and human beings even though it was made fun of for decades by the athiests who are trying to kill me for my 9 books I have written in one year in 1994 pioneering psycho-Unversal-Spirituality and Patterns of Health and Excellence I have guided for 15 years in censorship of a man who can censor me and stick my every word and vision onto others and promote them globally and he calls that love I call it inhumane brutal illegal immoral action against other’s rights! But in spite of all of the hostility he spreads around the world against me I see the world changing and following me and what I have pioneered after a quarter of century healing and psychotherapy and analysis of the world patterns;something that could not have been done overnight or even in a lifetime by anyone else when the world was dead spirited and noone could focus on CoreValues without being called fanatic which I am called for the past 15 years I am under fire for not having an affair with a married man who has censored and silenced me and has placed his mistresses in my platform to slander me while benefiting from my lifework!
    You have always been supportive of me Bono and you have always been a spiritual singer songwriter who could not reveal that as much as you have been able to do since I rose and confronted the oppression created by corrupted CIA Man who spreads money everywhere to hold me back and slander me while flying to top on my bleeding shoulders!But I have spent a lifetime with my mission of freeing the world from bondage and slavery of bullyism and dictatorship and shallow superficial and immoral living of why not ness or fanaticism and chovenism of every woman that is single must be possessed by a male who desires her and she cannot have her own life mission or else she is frigid or a spy or cold hearted! The world cannot afford any more corruption and imbalance and I am glad that you are doing something substantial for creating what I call Power Balance!I myself should have been credited and promoted and provided access and means to travel and speak and make a difference teaching the masses more than just teaching the elite who just steal from me and deny who I am but I hope angels like you will make a difference not only in the way of the world but also in making the wrongs right in the tragedy that is causing me Innapropriate Injustice!
    You are son and daughter of a one and only god who sees you as equal and sees all race and religion as equal and the imbalance and inequality is created by man made religions and corrupted people like my promoter who came to promote me and became my predetor and although spread my lifework but did it with anger and vingins against me and in denial of myself and turned the young whom I rose for to help reclaim their rights to stand against me and while benefiting from my lifework and going on the cross for 15 years while basking in glitter on stage to slander their savior who rose and braught them so much rights and dignity in a world that one man can dare to take actions of brutality against a woman like me! More power to you and I hope we can see each other and unite and work together in changing the world toward freedom light truth and peace without war and violence!


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