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Life in the Fast Lane

A person’s life is often compared to a frenetic race; some people are in a rush to escape the ‘rat race’ whilst others thrive on the adrenalin rush that a high pressured lifestyle can provide. Whatever your attitude, there is no doubt that life is a competitive arena from your first tentative steps in school, through to work and finally into retirement where the fruits of your labour can be assessed and compared with others.  During this time a person will challenge himself throughout even if he or she is not forced to compete with others.

In this issue, found time to chat with four young executives and find their views on life in an ever competitive world.

Jan Sangkharak (Khun Jan)
Business Development-Sale & Marketing of At Panta Phuket

“I have been working with ‘At Panta’ from its initial set up, and have spent most of my working life here. It is a constant race against the clock however as everything has a deadline and we are especially busy if we have to open a hotel by a scheduled time. I studied IT as this is a prerequisite for business these day but in order to work with hotels I have had to learn different things and am constantly reading piles of books as I need a good general knowledge of the business in a limited time. In particular a good knowledge of the system management, and organization are essential for solving everyday problems.”


Usaroch Banchuen (Khun Ou)
Purchasing Manager of House & Home Phuket

“It has been three years since we decided to start our business, which provides everything a house may need in terms of fittings and decoration. At first we were not as well known as we are now. But now, we are starting to see the results of our efforts. We are continually developing our product line and service and are one of the first company’s people will think about when they need such things. Moreover, we keep growing every year.”


Rongrong Thanavaravit (Khun Mint)
General Manger of Perfect Slim Co., Ltd (Unisense Thailand)

“After my graduation, I was looking for a business opportunity and I saw demand for this in the personal aesthetics industry. I was interested and inspired enough by this area of expertise to do intensive research on: location, production, branding, and marketing. I have to work hard but it has been worth it as I have found that people now trust our brand and advise they are delighted with our products.”


Pimchanok Jivavisitnont (Khun Pim)
Managing Director of Jee Teng Complex

“I compete with myself. Success for me is not defined by any specific outcome but rather by effort, hard work, and internal improvement and progress. It isn’t measured or defined in relation to the success of others. Nor is it a competition with others, but with oneself. True success is about beating your own comfort level – to do a little more than you are used to. It is about growth in relation to yourself – to do better today than yesterday and to improve this week more than last week.”


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