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Leica M9 Crocodile Leather Case

Just a while ago, we reviewed the Leica M9 Titanium camera and thereafter there was another Hermes variant for the M9. Affordability knew no bounds with these limited edition cameras that ranged in price from $14,300, for the Hermes edition to $28,860, for the Titanium edition. If you managed to reserve yourself one of these exclusive pieces, you’re probably also wondering how you can house these beauties so as to retain their regal splendor. We just might have the answer for you. Introducing the Leica M9 Nile Crocodile Half Case by Artisan & Artist.

This half case for the Leica M9 is dyed in an indigo color, using a ‘natural dye process’ (called Aizome) to extend the life of the color and leather. Although an extremely arduous and complex process for dying fabric and leather, Aizome was chosen by Artisan & Artist, keeping the exclusive and eye catching end product in mind.

If you are a Leica aficionado, this might be the perfect Christmas present that you’ve been looking to gift yourself this holiday season. The designers claim that these rare and premium cases have been carefully handcrafted with real raw materials out of love for the craft. No doubt, the camera case looks stunning and fashionable; however, it also screams PETA for the use of original crocodile skin. You are probably aware that the earlier exotic Ostrich leather case also drew flak from the animal loving organization.

Produced only in very limited numbers the case is available to special order $1,795 approx 6 weeks delivery.

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