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Lamborghini Gallardo Tricolore

Lamborghini Gallardo TricoloreLamborghini is launching a new special edition of its Gallardo supercar to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

Tthe Lamborghini Gallardo Tricolore features a white exterior with carbon fiber mirrors and a tricolor strip that runs the entire length of the car.

The stripe is echoed on the driver’s seat, where it is perfectly aligned with the exterior stripe. The green, white and red colors of the stripe are in homage to the Italian flag.

The car will be officially introduced on March 16 in Turin, at an exhibition dedicated to the Italian state anniversary.

“To celebrate the 150 years of Italian unity we felt that it was appropriate to propose a tri-color livery for our most succesful model, the Lamborghini Gallardo,” said the company’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann.

“With the Lamborghini Gallardo Tricolore we give a further impulse to the development of the ‘Made in Italy’ label in the world.”

Sources say the Gallardo Tricolore is likely to be limited to just 150 units, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification.

Sources: Worldcarfans

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