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LaCie Christofle Galet

LaCie has launched a new USB flash drive for those individuals best described as a “gadget person.“ The 4GB USB flash drive is contained within a silver case, about the size of a stone, but elegant enough to wear as a charm. LaCie and the French, Christofle, luxury brand are the developers of this latest device.

Luc Pierart, business unit manager for consumer peripherals at LaCie claims, “The spirit and philosophies of Christofle and its luxury brand, combined with the technical expertise of LaCie, have come together to transform a universal technology into an object that is as beautiful and simple a treasured piece of jewelry. Each time you open it, its mystery is revealed – an elegant USB key.”

The thumb drive is referred to as, Galet USB drive. (Galet is French for pebble.) The Galet website claims, “It’s not just a new partnership, it’s a new way of thinking about personal storage. It’s a silver-plated conversation piece that combines form and function to result in a sophisticated solution for anyone who needs access to their files on the go.”

The LaCie USB flash drive is selling at five times the usual price of a 4GB USB flash drive. The shape of the device may create problems with some computers and an USB extension cord may be necessary for use or when other devices are plugged into your computer. Even so, it sure looks nice when you are carrying it around in your pocket.

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