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La Flora Resort Patong – Countdown to the Festive Celebrations!

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Lamborghini to return to La Flora Resort Patong

la floraLa Flora Resort, Patong, is honored to be welcoming the Lamborghini group back to Phuket with the “Lamborghini Memorable Drive II.” All distinguish guests, who are luxury car lovers, will relish a two night stay. The renowned Lamborghini sports car will grab people’s attention and we will surely be able to feel everybody’s heart pounding as each car approaches the hotel entrance. The “Raging Bull” engine roar will be heard from afar and will definitely wake Patong up!

Count down to the festive celebrations

There’s no better place in Phuket to enjoy the celebrations than Patong Beach, for enchanting seasonal festivities, where its location means an abundance of shopping, dining, recreational activities; nightlife and other entertainment opportunities all within walking distance.

If you happen to be holidaying in Phuket and you expect a gratifying celebration, where you can reunite with friends & family, join us for festivities at the Surface Restaurant and Bar, on the rooftop, against the dazzling backdrop of Phuket’s finest west-coast Beach at La Flora Resort Patong. Here, not only culinary highlights, which are here for you to enjoy, but also dining by candlelight. All whilst watching the glittering stars up above and listening to the whispering sound of the waves as they crash onto the sandy shore.

“White” Christmas Eve Party 2010.

la floraStart the night with welcoming cocktails and with fun for the kid’s from 6.30 pm. With a wonderful set menu and super family entertainment, including La Flora choir, live music and a special visit from Santa Claus. Even with his busy schedule, Santa has confirmed that he will be coming to see us on Christmas Eve.

“Love Boat” New Year’s Eve Party.

la floraAs the sun dips below the horizon and the moon begins to hover in the night sky, we will kick off the festivities with a cocktail party. Then feel the romantic and exciting mood, for the wonderful New Year, with our live entertainment. Finally keep your eyes skyward around midnight as we will be having a celebratory fireworks display. Each of you can enjoy the night with the Thai Latin band “Lamduan Latigo”.

For more information, please contact us at info@laflorapatong.com or call 076- 344241.

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