Katathani keeps Green

Suchart Vikittipong Chief Operations Officer  Sombat Atiset Chief Executive Officer  Nirand Thanaphop Assistant Chief Operation Officer
Suchart Vikittipong, Chief Operations Officer (Left), Sombat Atiset, Chief Executive Officer (Centre) Nirand Thanaphop, Assistant Chief Operation Office (Right)

Though some people are still debating if the climate & environmental problems are happening for real or are just a myth, many people begin to call for responsibility from businesses and individuals before the problems turn to be an uncontrollable catastrophe in very near future. The spotlight falls on those businesses taking advantages from or destroying nature. Hotels count.

While many businesses and entrepreneurs start to move with more environmental consciousness as a result of the pressures from others, some of them have been walking along this clean and green road for a long time. The more join up, the sooner, the better.

Katathani, a deluxe beachfront Phuket hotel and spa, stretching along 850 meters of white sandy beach at Kata Noi Bay, chose the right direction at the initial stage. Just before the construction, even prior to the blueprint drafting process, the mission statement was well written, so the environment issues have already been put into hotel’s concept.

“The picture was clear in our heads. We thought about the ratio of the green area first of all. Then we figured out how to add more green in following years as Katathani is striving to be one of Asia’s best environment-friendly holiday destinations,” said one of the hotel’s executives.

Its environmental policies and practices cover all areas of operations from kitchen to garden, from waste to energy by using the common 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  For instance, using fruit peels to produce washing solutions, treating water waste and bringing it back to water plants, making organic fertilizer from trimmed trees and grasses, producing bio-diesel from used cooking oil, & heating hot water by solar cell system, etc.

Even if all these are not enough, Katathani is going to implement a new project “Biogas” produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter from the kitchen for use in the hotel. There are many ways to do this.

“We also encourage our stakeholders to be conscious of the environment and take action as we do. Business partners will be pushed to use reusable materials or packages or those become waste. Guests will be convinced to save energy and reduce consumption.” advised an executive.

ISO 14001 is a smart tool for businesses to easily and effectively manage its environment. Katathani is also certified by many local and international organisations for its achievements in environmental practices such as by Green Leaf Awards, Green! by Apollo Certified, TAT Award, & Green Planet Award  etc.

Katathani hopes to get more involved with the community. “They have to be educated and instilled with the right attitude when they are very young so that the ideas can last a lifetime and be passed on to others.”  The hotel becomes a learning center that has welcomed many visitors from both government sectors and private sectors.

“Waste is increasing every year. We cannot depend on an incinerator. It’s not the way to solve the problem but we have to help cut the waste volume down. Katathani wishes to have standard settings for the industry just like in the food industry. If someone neglects to take care of the environment, they should be ignored or penalized too.”

It has to take time and cannot be achieved in a day but it is worth doing in the long run. ‘One for all and all for one.’

If charity means something giving or sharing, what Katathani have down can possibly be reworded as “sharity”.

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