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Jaguar C-X75 Concept

British luxury marque Jaguar has unveiled a jet-powered electric supercar to celebrate its 75th anniversary on the first press day of the Paris Motor Show.

The C-X75 hints at “an exciting evolution of Jaguar’s design” but also plays host to some impressive technology.

The extended range hybrid uses jet engines and can manage a range of 900 km, 110 km of which is all-electric operation.

The car is powered by four electric motors — one for each wheel — producing 780 bhp and giving the car a 330 km/h top speed, and a 0-100 km/h time of 3.4 seconds.

Jaguar says that a domestic battery charge would take six hours, and the concept uses two 35 kg gas turbine engines to recharge the battery when it’s depleted, each providing 70kW of power.

The turbine engines, essentially small jets, have been developed by British company Bladon Jets which says that it’s found a way to produce gas turbines that are lighter, less polluting and lower cost than engines commonly used in today’s cars.

In a signal that Jaguar is serious about the technology, its parent firm Tata announced the acquisition of a minority stake in Bladon Jets September 29.

At last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, Capstone Turbine Corp unveiled a similar range-extended concept, the CMT-380, although it was powered by a single turbine engine.

It said that it was gauging interest for its microturbine engines, although it had no plans to produce a complete vehicle.

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