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Head Massage for The Ultimate in Relaxation

Head MassageMassage is probably the most relaxing activity you can enjoy. After a day at work, sometimes fi lled with stress and pressure, having your partner massage you will help to eliminate the negative energy held within your body. Although the back, arms and legs are the most popular areas for massage, the head and scalp is possibly the most relaxing place of all. If you’re the person receiving the head and scalp massage, here are a few ways to help you enjoy the massage to the maximum:

  1. Understand the head and scalp is one of the best areas to get a massage. The top of the head is one your most sensitive areas and possibly the most responsive to the touch, so instruct your partner to gently knead this area as well.
  2. Relax and make yourself comfortable. To receive the maximum benefi t you should really let go and be prepared for a relaxing time. See in your minds eye all the stress and pressure release from your body. It is best to be sat upright with your feet up.
  3. Choose a room with good ambience. For a totally relaxing experience, play some relaxing music which you both enjoy, light some scented candles too and turn off the lights and of course your phones.
  4. Know what to expect. The massage should start at the neck, with gentle circular kneading motions using the fingertips. Move up towards the center of the head, then go down to the ears. After, massage the top of the head, pay particular attention to the forehead hairline and the sides of the head. Finally, go back down to the neck, and then the shoulders. This should be done for a minimum of fi fteen minutes to receive full benefi ts.

All motions should be gently, in small, circular motions using the fi ngertips. This due to the fact the head is a sensitive area. After, your head will feel lighter; due to the fact the kneading motions improve blood circulation
around that area.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to enjoy a head and scalp massage. Good luck and we hope this helped you out!

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